MX Fuels & Service - Quality at Great Prices


Q: What products does MX Fuels sell?

We sell and distribute:

Heating Fuels

  • Fuel oil
  • Kerosene
  • 50/50 blend
  • Propane

Power Fuels

  • E87 gasoline
  • E89 mid-grade gasoline
  • Nonethanol 91 octane

Diesel Fuels

  • On-road diesel fuel
  • Off-road diesel fuel

Q: Does MX Fuels have a minimum delivery?

100 gallons or fill

Q: When do you deliver in my area?

  • MX Fuels delivers in all areas weekly and in most cases multiple times a week
  • MX Fuels has the largest delivery fleets in the north country

Q: Is MX Fuels an approved HEAP vendor?

Yes, we are a proud supplier of the HEAP program, also citizens

Q: What are my payment options?

  • We accept cash, checks and money orders
  • We also accept credit cards, Visa, Master Charge, American Express and Discover
  • EFT
  • ACH

Q: Does MX Fuels offer cash or prompt-pay discounts?

  • MX offers a 10-cent discount for cash, money orders, checks or EFT
  • Debit and credit cards do not qualify for discount

Q: Does MX Fuels offer payment plans?

MX Fuels are proud to offer our equal payment plan, which spreads your energy costs over 12 months, minimizing the sting of large energy bills. Contact the office for details and start times. Credit approval is required.