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Propane Terms and Conditions

Credit Approval/Account Set Up

All propane accounts must be credit approved. An authorized agent of MX Petroleum Corp. will use the information provided to verify credit through an outside credit reporting agency. The credit application will remain on file as long as you remain a customer. All information provided is for MX Petroleum Corp.’s use only and will not be shared with any outside parties.

Lock-in Pricing Terms & Conditions

Customer understands that upon execution of this agreement, MX Petroleum Corp. may enter into contracts or arrangements to obtain and secure supply of the committed gallons to supply customer at the lock-in price. Customer acknowledges that MX Petroleum Corp. cannot predict whether the price of fuel will go up or go down and that the Lock In Price shall apply to all customer’s required gallons during term of the lock-in pricing even if the MX Petroleum Corp. posted price is less than the lock-in price at the time of delivery.

General Terms & Conditions of Payment

MX Petroleum Corp.’s payment terms on all propane accounts are NET 10 Days. This means that payment in full is due within 10 days from the date of delivery. A cash discount price of 10 cents/gallon off the charge price will be calculated on your delivery ticket invoice total (discount subject to change). This discount applies to both lock-in and Non-lock-in pricing. After 10 days from the date of delivery, if payment is not received, you will forfeit this 10 cent/gallon discount and your account will be placed on hold, meaning no more deliveries, pending payment. All budget accounts will automatically receive the cash price discount.

If payment is not received within 30 days from date of delivery, you will receive written and/or verbal notice that the tanks will be picked up due to nonpayment. Any costs and/or fees accrued as a result of tank pick up will be the responsibility of the customer.

If full restitution is not made on purchases within 60 days and no other payment agreement can be reached, seller reserves the right to charge credit card on file or perform an EFT payment using your bank information to secure the balance past due on account. MX Petroleum Corp. also reserves the right to proceed with collections through a third-party agency or take civil action against you in a court of law at customer’s expense if necessary.

Tank Rental Fees/Minimum Purchase Requirements

No fees will be charged for the use of MX Petroleum Corp.’s propane tanks as long as customer meets all requirements set forth in this contract. By signing this contract you are agreeing to a minimum yearly (January 1 – December 31) purchase requirement described below. These requirements will take effect beginning January 1 of the year following the contract date. This will allow the customer time to establish an idea of their yearly usage. As long as the purchase requirement described below is met then no additional rental fees will be charged.

Required Yearly Purchase Requirement

  • 200 lb tank – 75 gallons per year
  • 420 lb tank – 200 gallons per year
  • 500 gallon tank – 500 gallons per year

If you are not the legal owner of the property on which the tank is set (tenant), you are required to pay a $150 security deposit.

In the event a customer fails to meet the minimum purchase requirements, MX Petroleum Corp. reserves the right to charge a rental fee for the shortfall gallons. The shortfall gallons are equal to the difference between your usage and the required yearly purchase amount listed above. The amount of shortfall gallons will be multiplied by your then-current price per gallon for propane to achieve the amount of the tank rental fee. Account reviews will be in the month of January and any applicable rental fees will be billed at that time.

Termination/Default of Contract

MX Petroleum Corp. reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time for any of the following reasons:

  • Fails to maintain an acceptable credit rating with MX Petroleum Corp. or is otherwise in arrears in any bill due to MX Petroleum Corp. or its service representatives; (MX Petroleum Corp. does not accept C.O.D. propane accounts)
  • Misuse and/or damage of MX Petroleum Corp. equipment
  • Fails to meet minimum yearly gallon purchase requirements
    (200lb tank – 75 gallons/year; 420lb tank – 200 gallons/year; 500 gallon tank – 500 gallons/year)

In the event of termination of service whether requested by MX Petroleum Corp. or the customer, a fee of $150.00 will be charged for tank pick-up service. A restocking fee of $1.00 per gallon may be charged for all gallons remaining in the tank at time of pick-up. If any of these fees apply, customer agrees to pay these fees within 10 days from date of tank pick-up.