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Heating Oil Terms and Conditions

Required Tank Inspection

At MX Fuels safety of our employees, customers and the community is our top priority. Visual fuel tank inspections are required on every new delivery location or current customer location that has not received a delivery from MX Fuels in the last two years. This inspection will be done free of charge to the customer cementing our commitment to safety and customer satisfaction.

What we are inspecting:

  • Tank corrosion
  • Tank support
  • Fill and vent sizes
  • Tank leg condition
  • Proper piping material

Lock In Pricing Terms & Conditions

Customer understands that upon execution of this agreement, MX Petroleum Corp. may enter into contracts or arrangements to obtain and secure supply of the committed gallons to supply customer at the lock-in price. Customer acknowledges that MX Petroleum Corp. cannot predict whether the price of fuel will go up or go down and that the lock-in price shall apply to all customer’s required gallons during term of the lock -in pricing even if the MX Petroleum Corp. posted price is less than the lock-in price at the time of delivery.

General Terms & Conditions of Payment

MX Petroleum Corp.’s payment terms on all fuel oil/kerosene accounts are Net 30 Day Load to Load. This means that payment in full is due within 30 days from the date of delivery or prior to your next delivery, whichever comes first. A cash discount price of 10 cents/gallon off the charge price will be offered if payment is received within 10 days of the date of delivery. This discount applies to both lock-in and non-lock-in pricing. After 10 days from the date of delivery, if payment is not received, you will forfeit this 10 cent/gallon discount and you will be responsible for paying the full charge price. All budget accounts will automatically receive the cash price discount.

If payment is not received within accordance with these terms, then you will receive written and/or verbal notice that the account is on hold and payment must be made prior to release of any deliveries. MX Fuels and Propane is not responsible for product run out if an account is on hold due to credit issues. If payment is not made within 60 days of the date of the delivery, the customer will lose charge status and the account will be sent immediately to collections. Furthermore, if your account is enrolled in automatic delivery, loss of charge status will result in loss of eligibility for automatic delivery. MX Fuels and Propane does not offer automatic delivery service to COD accounts. Upon loss of charge status your account would immediately return to a “call in” basis.

If full restitution is not made on purchases within 60 days and no other payment agreement can be reached, Seller reserves the right to charge credit card on file or perform an E.F.T. payment using your bank information to secure the balance past due on account. MX Petroleum Corp. also reserves the right to proceed with collections through a third-party agency or take civil action against you in a court of law at customer’s expense if necessary.