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Let us take care of your company’s fuel needs

Our commercial customers depend on us to offer a variety of fuels. MX Fuels supplies products that keep your business moving forward.

Diesel Fuel

If you own or operate a commercial or agricultural business that needs a dependable diesel fuel supplier, look no further than MX Fuels.


We supply regular 87 octane, mid-grade 89 octane and now nonethanol 91 octane gasoline.

Heating Oil

Join our growing list of satisfied commercial and agricultural customers. From delivery schedules to bulk purchases of heating oil, our team is ready to work with you.


We have built a solid reputation with our personal service and competitive prices. As a business customer, you not only have the confidence that you are buying at the best price available, but also the peace of mind that you have a constant supply of K-1 kerosene.


If you are using propane gas to fuel your commercial or agricultural business, our delivery and service programs are customized to your needs.

Price Quote

Interested in a price quote? Whether cash, charge or prebuy, we have what you need to keep your business running smoothly.